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Our Firm

Hodgson Russ’s 200-plus attorneys provide business-focused U.S. legal counsel to clients in the United States, Canada, and across the world. We practice in every major area of law and use multidisciplinary work teams to serve the diverse and often complex needs of our clients, which include public and private businesses of all sizes as well as governmental entities, nonprofit institutions, and individuals.

Whether you turn to Hodgson Russ for guidance through major transactions, representation in complex litigation, or advice on day-to-day compliance and general business matters, you receive the high-quality, sophisticated legal services trusted by a number of the most prominent companies in the United States, ranging from visionary entrepreneurs to those in the Fortune 500.

To provide you with even greater value and higher-quality service, we combine experienced, innovative legal representation with a commitment to understanding your business, matching the right team of professionals to every matter, and understanding and respecting the many demands on your time, attention, and resources.

With roots tracing back to 1817, Hodgson Russ is one of the nation’s oldest law firms. The firm has offices in New York City, Albany, Buffalo, and Saratoga Springs, New York; Toronto, Ontario; and Palm Beach, Florida. 

Expect to be appreciated.

Building and maintaining strong, lasting client relationships is central to our service philosophy. We show our appreciation for your business by responding to your requests with the timeliness and attention you deserve, giving you access to the right legal talent for the job, respecting the financial and temporal constraints under which you operate, and providing general advice from a legal perspective on business topics.

In many cases midsize law firms have been more adept in addressing clients’ concerns about price constraints, their frustrations with traditional billing structures, and their desire to staff matters efficiently.

The National Law Journal