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B.S., accounting, University at Buffalo, State University of New York

Kristine is a paralegal in the State & Local Tax Practice. She assists the firm's tax attorneys in a variety of endeavors, including document review, federal audit assistance, computational analysis, fact-finding, and fact-checking, all focused on providing clients with cost-effective tax representation in contested New York State and New York City tax matters. 

In addition to client work at Hodgson Russ, Kristine also assisted in the editing of significant portions of the New York Residency and Allocation Audit Handbook (CCH 2011) and in the development and beta testing of the Monaeo location verification application. 

Other Experience

Prior to joining Hodgson Russ, Kristine was an auditor with the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance performing field tax audits. While at the Tax Department, her corporate franchise (income) tax auditing experience involved all issues, including apportionment, income modifications, and combined reports. Her personal income tax experience involved flow-through entities, income modifications, and residency issues.