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U.S. Tax Counsel to U.S. Company With Respect to Redomestication to Canada for Security Law Reasons

Hodgson Russ serves as special U.S. tax counsel for a publicly traded U.S. company with respect to the redomestication of the company from the United States to Canada (done primarily for security law reasons). Our services have included providing U.S. tax disclosure language for the Canadian security law filings; U.S. tax advice and opinions with respect to the U.S. tax effect to the company and its U.S. and Canadian shareholders under the U.S. anti-inversion rules; requirements for the deemed exchange of shares of a U.S. company for a Canadian company to qualify for nonrecognition treatment under Code Sections 368 and 367; U.S. tax consequences of post-redomestication transactions, including future dividend payments and future sale of shares by U.S. and Canadian shareholders; and interaction of the U.S. and Canadian tax rules for claiming foreign tax credits.