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The JOBS Act, IPOs, and Crowdfunding

July 31
New York, NY
July 31, 2013

One of the most anticipated pieces of capital reform legislation in recent years, the Jumpstart our Business Startups Act (or JOBS Act) has been signed into law. Significantly to the venture capital community, to innovators, entrepreneurs, and those who finance them, the law seeks to create an “on-ramp” to the IPO market for companies seeking to raise $10 to $50 million. In addition, it also enables “crowdfunding,” or the ability to raise small amounts of capital from numerous investors. 

In this presentation, attorneys Bethany J. Hills and Robert J. Olivieri from Hodgson Russ and Scott Livingston from Livingston Securities will provide a real-time update on how this act is affecting the IPO market. Attorneys from Hodgson Russ will outline the requirements to take advantage of crowdfunding, as well as certain practices to avoid while trying to raise capital through this new mechanism and other aspects of the new law that may impact venture capital funding.