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CCH Athletes Webinar: Athletes and Entertainers – Multistate Tax Issues

November 30
November 30, 2017

This two-hour CCH Webinar, presented by Timothy Noonan, Esq., a highly regarded New York tax practitioner, author of the column “Noonan’s Notes” and a frequent contributor to CCH’s online seminar series, will provide a practical review of the multistate personal income tax issues that athletes, entertainers, and their professional advisors should be thinking about.

Program topics include the following:

– Overview of state-residency rules in the determination of state taxes.

– General rules and guidance concerning multistate taxation of nonresident athletes and entertainers.

– How residency credits can reduce the effect of multistate taxes.

– The use of personal service companies to manage tax issues — do they still work?

– Rules for teams, employers or promoters — be wary of withholding taxes.

– Dealing with state tax audits.

The learning objectives include the following:

– Understand the multistate personal income tax treatment, trends and issues related to athletes and entertainers.

– Identify steps to take and opportunities to pursue to reduce state tax problems for athletes and entertainers.