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Top IP Issues Global Companies Face When Pursuing U.S. Clean Energy Projects

January 10
January 10, 2018
10:00am EST

There are many basic challenges that European companies face when pursuing business opportunities in the U.S. that require legal counsel, one of which is protecting their intellectual property (IP) rights when pursuing partnerships and in licensing agreements.

The upcoming webinar, hosted by CleanTechIQ, on January 10th at 10am EST (3pm GMT), Top IP Issues Global Companies Face When Pursuing U.S. Clean Energy Projects, will focus on IP and cross-border issues international companies need to understand when bringing their technology to the U.S. The featured speakers include:

  • Nathaniel Lucek, Senior Associate of global law firm Hodgson Russ.
  • Jacques Parlongue, CEO of Belgium-based N-SIDE, a developer of advanced analytics software for industrial applications. 
  • Gareth Brett, CEO of UK-based Highview Power Storage, a developer of battery storage systems for utility and distributed systems.

They will provide first hand insight on key issues necessary for international firms pursuing projects in the U.S including:

  • Has your company filed a patent application in the U.S.?  If not, is it too late?
  • Can you accelerate your pending U.S. patent applications?
  • Has your company investigated freedom to operate in the U.S.?
  • Does your company have agreements in place with your U.S. partners (e.g., non-disclosure or joint development agreements)?  Who will own new IP rights?
  • How will your company set up licensing arrangements in the U.S.?
  • Have you considered data privacy issues?

I hope you'll join us for this essential conversation. To register for this complimentary webinar CLICK HERE. If you have questions you would like to submit to our panel beforehand, please respond to this email with your questions and we will make sure they are answered.

And to read an article with key takeaways from our prior webinar, Opportunities Arising From Decarbonizing and Deregulating the Economyclick here. Or to listen to the full recording, click here.