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54th Annual Education Law Association Conference 

November 2008
Speaking Engagement
San Antonio, TX
November 2008

Ryan L. Everhart presented at the 54th Annual Education Law Association Conference, a four-day event focused on providing updates on critical education law issues and stimulating dialogue among educational and legal scholars and practitioners. The conference, titled “Relevance and Reform: Building the Bridge Between Theory and Practice,” was held November 19-22 in San Antonio, Texas.

Ryan’s presentation, “The Fallout from Tom F. — An Evolution of Tuition Reimbursement Cases,” addressed the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent “non-decision” in New York City Board of Education v. Tom F., which left many questions for education lawyers in determining the scope of a parent’s right to seek private school tuition reimbursement from a public school district. The topic is crucial to practitioners today, as parents increasingly seek private school tuition as relief in special education disputes.