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Elizabeth D. Carlson Appears on 'Inside Story,' Discusses NLRB Decision to Name McDonald’s a Joint Employer

Press Release
August 1, 2014

On July 31, 2014, Hodgson Russ labor and employment attorney Elizabeth D. Carlson appeared on the Al Jazeera America television program “Inside Story,” hosted by Ray Suarez, to participate in a panel discussion concerning the determination by the general counsel for the National Labor Relations Board that McDonald’s, USA, LLC is a joint employer with its franchisees. Joseph McCartin, a labor historian at Georgetown University, and Craig Becker, general counsel for the AFL-CIO and a former member of the NLRB, also served as panelists. The on-air discussion focused on how the facts are applied to the current standard for joint employer status, the opinions of the panelists regarding the impact that this case could have on workers within the fast food industry, and how public perception of McDonald’s may be impacted by the determination.