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Photo of Hodgson Russ Attorneys Acknowledged in NYSBA Newsletter For Pro Bono Service

Hodgson Russ Attorneys Acknowledged in NYSBA Newsletter For Pro Bono Service

Press Release
August 14, 2014

Eight Hodgson Russ attorneys are acknowledged in the latest issue of the New York State Bar Association’s Pro Bono News for their volunteer service to the Pro Se Assistance Program (PSAP), a program launched in February 2014 that provides free, limited-scope legal assistance to financially eligible pro se litigants in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of New York.

The attorneys—Jodyann Galvin, Kevin Kearney, Ryan Lucinski, Jeffrey Fiut, Marissa Coheley, Robert Conklin, Robert Lane, and Joshua Feinstein—are named in the article “Pro Se Assistance Program Volunteers Serve the Community and the Court in the WDNY.” The article recognizes them as “skilled federal court litigators” who “routinely volunteered…and have committed to continuing their support of the PSAP.”

As leader of the volunteer attorneys, Jody is quoted in the article.

“Volunteering for the PSAP allows attorneys, who otherwise would not have the time in their busy litigation schedules, an opportunity to serve the community and the court,” Jody says. “The program was designed to make it easy to assist the court in a schedule-friendly way, requiring only two hours of the volunteers’ time from noon to 2 p.m. Volunteering for the PSAP also enables the attorneys to interact with clients experiencing real life important problems that they might not otherwise see in their practice.”

In the article, Jody also notes that volunteering for a program like the PSAP “is a nice touchstone to remind you why you became a lawyer.”

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