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Photo of OMIG Issues the 2019-2020 Work Plan

OMIG Issues the 2019-2020 Work Plan

Hodgson Russ Home Care Alert
May 7, 2019

OMIG has published its 2019-2020 Work Plan, available here.  As relevant to home care, the Work Plan states that OMIG will continue to conduct reviews and work collaboratively with DOH and the New York Department of Labor to ensure that home care providers are “providing wage and fringe benefit compensation to employees in compliance with wage parity laws.” Further, OMIG commits to conducting “reviews” and working collaboratively with the NYS DOH “to ensure that MCOs are appropriately passing on supplemental Medicaid payments to home care providers, in compliance with DOH directives.” The Work Plan also states that OMIG will continue to audit and investigate personal care service providers who have fee-for-service claims, as well as providers who provide personal care services through managed care. Lastly, in regards to CDPAP, the Work Plan notes that CDPAP “continues to expand” and that OMIG will “audit and investigate CDPAP providers to ensure compliance with rules and regulations. Audit activities will include services reimbursed through fee-for-service and MCOs.”