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Law360: NY Tax Minutes

Life moves fast in New York. So do taxes. Both New York State and New York City tax a lot of people, places and things.The state and city’s audit divisions and administrative appeal tribunals are both among the most active in the country. So how, you’re asking yourself, do I possibly keep up with all the headlines, rulings, opinions and law changes happening across the Empire State? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Once a month, your authors, two practicing tax attorneys (nerds) with ties all over the state (Tim was born and raised in Buffalo; Craig grew up on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, before moving to New York City) will give you a full update on everything New York tax. But we’ll also deliver the news in a way that’s made for life in New York: fast.

Articles were first published in Law360 and re-posted with permission.

NY Tax Minutes: Trump Tax Updates, End To SALT Cap Suit - November 7, 2019

NY Tax Minutes: City Finances, Transparency, Tribunal Rulings - September 19, 2019

NY Tax Minutes: Trump Tax Returns, New Corporate Tax Regs - August 13, 2019

NY Tax Minutes: Final SALT Regs and 2 Post-Budget Changes - July 11, 2019

NY Tax Minutes: Marketplace Guidance, Tax Return Bill - June 6, 2019

NY Tax Minutes: Marketplace Sales Tax, Corp. Franchise Regs - April 2, 2019

NY Tax Minutes: Amazon, Congestion Pricing, GILTI Guidance - March 4 2019

NY Tax Minutes: Wayfair, Executive Budget, Goldman Offshore - February 1, 2019

NY Tax Minutes: December Review & 2019 Preview - January 7, 2019

NY Tax Minutes: November - November 30, 2018

NY Tax Minutes: October - October 31, 2018

NY Tax Minutes: September - October 1, 2018

NY Tax Minutes: August - August 31, 2018

NY Tax Minutes: July - August 1, 2018