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Photo of COVID-19 Litigation & Employment Action Team
COVID-19 Litigation & Employment Action Team

A Unique Challenge Requires a Specialized Response

The onset of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has created significant and unique challenges and concerns across all sectors of our society. Hodgson Russ lawyers have answered the call and are on the forefront of responding to developing legal issues and assisting clients on a wide variety of matters, including healthcare, labor and worker safety issues, cybersecurity and privacy, tax, creditor and debtor rights, insurance coverage, regulatory compliance, and all manner of liability concerns. Our attorneys have the depth and range of experience to analyze and address the myriad federal, state, and local executive orders, agency guidance, and legislation enacted during this crisis which created a new legal landscape for our clients.

The COVID-19 Litigation Action Team has the collective experience and knowledge to take the reins of the “new normal” litigation landscape, advising our clients on proactive measures to minimize liability risks and business disruption, as well as preparing robust defense of all types of litigated matters, including:

  • Contract interpretation, including force majeure clauses
  • Paycheck Protection Program audits and compliance
  • Landlord tenant disputes
  • Premises liability
  • Creditor and debtor rights, including bankruptcy
  • OSHA, DOL, and workplace safety compliance
  • Employment compliance and litigation, including public and private union grievances
  • Privacy concerns, including data breaches and HIPAA
  • Insurance coverage
  • Business interruption disputes
  • Tort litigation