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The Hodgson Russ Difference

There are many reasons, both tangible and intangible, why working at Hodgson Russ is different. A few of the demonstrable advantages are:

  • Few firms can match the sophisticated level of our practice. Our workday environment is filled with opportunities to learn, to grow, and to contribute.
  • Our associates work alongside seasoned partners, at times on one-to-one teams. This experience facilitates a thorough understanding of client matters and affords the opportunity for client-facing work very early on.
  • With a shared interest in your success, we provide extensive training and integration programs for attorneys new to the firm as well as professional development and support at all stages of your career.
  • Collegiality, a commodity often claimed but less frequently practiced, is genuine and conspicuous at Hodgson Russ. Respect and politeness are standard operating procedure across departments and at all levels of management, administration, and staff.

Other equally significant characteristics of life at Hodgson Russ must be experienced to be fully appreciated. As a business, our bottom line is important, but it is not the thing that drives us.

  • We exist to serve our clients. This means we are committed to understanding their needs and to exceeding their expectations, each day, with every matter, for every client.
  • We exist to empower each other. We continually strive for excellence in our profession as well as to foster an environment where all can engage and where we, as co-workers, help each other to stretch and grow. We also acknowledge our responsibility to our families and the importance of balance in our professional and private lives.
  • We exist to contribute to our communities. We aim to be a force for good and to use our resources in support of others.