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Biocide Formulations Patent Infringement Litigation Dismissed in the Eastern District of Texas

Hodgson Russ represented the defendants in an action venued in U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas involving a chemical patent related to biocide formulations. While this lawsuit was pending, Hodgson Russ initiated an inter partes re-examination of the patent in suit. Hodgson Russ moved to stay the litigation. The court granted the stay motion over opposition from the plaintiff. Before the case was stayed, Hodgson Russ handled all aspects of defending the litigation, including the preparation and review of invalidity contentions, the preparation and review of proposed claim constructions, depositions of the inventor and plaintiff’s expert, claim construction briefing, and document discovery. The re-examination resulted in office actions rejecting the relevant claims of the patent in suit, and the litigation was ultimately dismissed.