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Handling State Residency Audits

April 13
April 13, 2020
4:00 p.m. ET

Speaker: Ariele Doolittle

Topic: Handling State Residency Audits

Course Description:

The loss of the SALT deduction has prompted many individuals to consider changing their residency to a state with low to no tax. New York State alone conducts thousands of residency audits each year which have generated more than $1 billion for NY coffers. Simply stated: the stakes are high. To achieve the best possible result, it's critical to understand not only the applicable law but also how to navigate the residency audit process. This course will cover all of these issues.

Learning Objectives:

    • Understand and apply the applicable residency tests
    • Identify key predictors of residency audits
    • Review significant residency cases
    • Prepare to carry the burden of proof and determine the evidence necessary to do so

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