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Multistate Payroll Withholding Tax Issues

April 29
April 29, 2020
10:00 a.m. ET

Speaker: Ariele Doolittle

Topic: Multistate Payroll Withholding Tax Issues

Course Description:

Business travel is on the rise and 85% of companies have employees working outside their resident jurisdiction. This complicates employer withholding and employee tax among the various states. There are significant compliance issues for employers when employees cross state lines in the course of employment. Compliance issues directly related to payroll include identification of the states for which the business is liable for the collection and payment of income tax, and compliance with the rules for each state regarding tax collection, payment and reporting.
This webinar will offer participants an understanding of the payroll tax and compliance implications of conducting business within a state.

Learning Objectives:

  • State tax implications of conducting business in multiple states
  • Nexus issues
  • Reciprocal tax agreements
  • Managing compliance and practical solutions

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