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Beyond the Office: Outside Counsel 

June 25
Speaking Engagement
June 25, 2020

Christian Soller spoke with Rensselaer County Attorney's summer law interns as part of the "Beyond the Office: Outside Counsel" program.  

"Beyond the Office" is a series of informal meetings designed to allow the law students in the summer program to meet influencers that: serve or have served in county government; serve in a government, non-profit, or business organization that touches the work of the County's office; or otherwise impact the policies, finances, or operations of county government.​

Christian joined Carl Kempf III and Kelly Cramer, Deputy County Attorney, to discuss how to sell yourself to get work from a county or another client, discussing what the best attorneys outside the firm do right, what average/below average attorneys get wrong, and where private law practice will be in two years.