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Offshore Renewable Energy Internationalization Seminar

November 25
November 25, 2020
8:20am - 9am

Belgium is - like some other European countries - pioneer regarding offshore wind energy. They are the fourth largest offshore wind energy producer in the world. Many companies use their experience to operate internationally. It is therefore important to have a good view on what is happening in the international offshore wind market.

What challenges do companies face when operating internationally? How can they best deal with these challenges? And what rules specifically apply to the American market?

Blue Cluster and POM West Flanders elaborated on this item during a seminar on the internationalization of offshore renewable energy on Wednesday, November 25.  Nathaniel Lucek presented on "New regulations related to the development of offshore wind opportunities on the USA East Coast.”

This seminar is an initiative of Blue Cluster and POM West Flanders, in collaboration with Belgian Offshore Cluster and Flanders Investment & Trade, and is part of the European Interreg project Inn2POWER.

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