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Photo of Hodgson Russ Formalizes Tax Defense Capabilities by Forming Practice Group


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Hodgson Russ Formalizes Tax Defense Capabilities by Forming Practice Group

April 7, 2010

Hodgson Russ LLP is pleased to announce that a service it has provided for decades for countless clients is now an official practice group, the New York Tax Investigations & Defense Practice Group.

Based in the firm’s New York City office and comprising attorneys resident throughout the state, the members of Hodgson Russ’s New York Tax Investigations & Defense Practice Group routinely respond to subpoenas and investigative demands, defend clients at depositions and interviews, represent clients during residency audits, and counsel clients about their obligations under various government regulatory guidelines.

The group has successfully defended corporations, partnerships, and individual clients under investigation for or charged with alleged violations of a wide variety of offenses, including tax shelter abuses, money laundering and check kiting, unreported income and fictitious expenses, the misappropriation of sales tax and employment tax trust funds, and tax fraud and non-filing. In addition to representing clients in civil matters, the group regularly represents clients in all phases of criminal proceedings, including in investigations, hearings, trials, appeals and forfeitures.

The group leader, Cathy Fleming, said, “Our goal is always to use our experience and creativity to resolve tax issues before charges are filed and investigations become public. Our understanding not only of the tax codes but also of the offices of special agents and prosecutors helps us explore every avenue to help our clients avoid criminal charges. When litigation is necessary, our clients benefit from our experience appearing before virtually every court in New York and our willingness to work tirelessly toward obtaining the most favorable outcome possible.”

The group’s other members are partners Mark A. Harmon, Mark S. Klein, Michelle Merola, Harold J. Ruvoldt, and Joseph V. Sedita.