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Photo of Hodgson Russ Announces Its Privacy, Data Breach & Cybersecurity Practice
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Hodgson Russ Announces Its Privacy, Data Breach & Cybersecurity Practice

Press Release
May 1, 2014

Building on many years of experience in advising clients on a wide range of data privacy issues, Hodgson Russ has formally launched a Privacy, Data Breach & Cybersecurity Practice. The practice’s experienced attorneys come from a full spectrum of disciplines, positioning the firm to counsel clients both proactively and in response to data incidents.

The attorneys in this practice advise clients concerning the complex and challenging privacy and cybersecurity risks that businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals face every day, including the collection and use of sensitive information and related privacy issues; the theft of data or intellectual property; the loss of a laptop or other electronic device; the inadvertent release of sensitive information; cyberattacks causing data breach, business interruption, and damage to a hard-earned reputation; insurance coverage, and litigation related to data privacy; compliance with local and international standards; and prompt action across multiple jurisdictions when a data breach is discovered. The team offers sophisticated cyber-protection planning, data-breach coaching, and post-incident response to help clients manage their evolving cyberrisks.

Click here for more about the practice.

Gary M. Schober, practice leader, said, “With the ever-increasing likelihood we all face of cyberattacks and data breaches, we are pleased to be able to offer this multidisciplinary and proactive approach to help our clients respond to adverse events and stay safe online.”