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Photo of Coronavirus E-mail Scams

Coronavirus E-mail Scams

Hodgson Russ Cybersecurity & Privacy Alert
March 13, 2020

Please be aware that cyber criminals are taking advantage of the opportunity to use Coronavirus as a new scam. They are crafting many Phishing e-mails related to the Coronavirus.

What do the e-mails look like?

These scams are similar to other types of phishing e-mails:

  • They try to invoke a sense of urgency
  • They ask you for donations to fight the virus, or support research
  • They pretend to provide you with breaking news or “what the media is not telling you”

For specific examples and more information please Click Here.

What to look for:

  • Look for bad grammar, misspellings and offers that are either too good to be true or may be monetizing recent news.
  • E-mails with links or attachments from external sources that you were not expecting or don’t recognize
  • Anything asking you to enter your e-mail or other login credentials to authenticate to a site or obtain a download.
  • Anything related to the Coronavirus from unknown or suspicious sources.

Remember: “When in doubt, give IT a shout”

If you have any questions regarding a message, or you click on a malicious link or attachment, please contact your company’s IT Service Desk.

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