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Privacy & Security Tips

April 29, 2020
  • Home office- keep desks clear

    If you work with sensitive information, keep printed versions out-of-sight when you aren't using them.  When you can, avoid printing data that you could access from your computer instead.

  • Trash bins are for trash

    If you work with sensitive information you need to make sure printed documents don’t end up in the wrong person's hands.

    Store documents securely and shred sensitive papers when no longer needed. If you do not have a cross-cut shredder at home, securely store the documents at home until they can be placed in shred bins in your office or disposed of in another secure manner.

  • Working in public locations (when permitted)
    Do you work on your computer or tablet in public places such as a coffee shop, restaurant, airport, airplane, or other public space outside of the office?  Consider using a privacy screen to help keep prying eyes off your screen.

    What is a Privacy Screen? 
    It is a thin piece of glass or plastic that is placed over your screen to decrease the viewing angle so only those in front of the screen can see it. Most can be easily be put on and removed as needed.

    Why should you use one?
    It helps to prevent visual hacking. They are an extra layer of protection for the sensitive data you have on your screen.