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Photo of Trade Secrets & Non‐Disclosure Agreements
Trade Secrets & Non‐Disclosure Agreements

Keeping your proprietary technology and information secure could mean the difference between success and failure in a crowded marketplace. Whether you are a startup or a multinational company, Hodgson Russ attorneys can assist with protecting your proprietary intellectual property.

We regularly advise clients on protecting against trade secret loss. We work closely with our labor and employment attorneys to develop employment agreements for employers to help secure proprietary information. Working closely with our intellectual property litigation team, we assist with matters relating to misappropriation of trade secrets.

Our attorneys regularly assist clients with:

  • Developing and drafting corporate trade secret policies
  • Preparing non-disclosure, non-competition, and non-solicitation agreements
  • Preparing and negotiating joint development agreements, both domestic and foreign
  • Advising on social media issues related to securing proprietary information
  • Addressing issues relating to trade secret breaches