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Successful Resolution in Catastrophic Farming Injury Matter 

Hodgson Russ attorneys Ryan J. Lucinski and Patrick J. Hines successfully defended an industrial pressure gauge manufacturer in a complex products liability action venued in Missouri federal court.  A farmer sued the manufacturer of an anhydrous ammonia applicator system that failed and exposed him to anhydrous ammonia, causing severe chemical burns and a permanent, debilitating neurological condition.  The applicator manufacturer impleaded our client, alleging that the accident was caused by a defectively designed and manufactured pressure gauge that was integrated into the applicator system.  Hodgson Russ successfully developed evidence in discovery that there were no defects in the client’s pressure gauge; that the gauge had been severely damaged and long required replacement; and that the applicator manufacturer was solely responsible for the selection and assembly of all components that made up its applicator system.  During mediation, the case settled for a seven-figure amount, with our client contributing nuisance value.