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Government Relations

Hodgson Russ maintains a powerful government relations team to give our clients the knowledge and access they need to help achieve their objectives, whether they involve ratifying, defeating, or revising pending legislation or regulations; obtaining financial assistance for new or expanding projects; or promoting government agencies’ use of client products or services. Hodgson Russ has close, bipartisan relationships at all levels of government, from town halls to state capitals to the federal government. Teaming this access and experience with Hodgson Russ’s creative, client-centered culture gives our clients an influential, effective advocate in the halls of government.

Hodgson Russ works to address clients’ problems through legislative or administrative action. We are familiar with evaluating the issues our clients face, and we understand the procedures for addressing these issues. Our attorneys have counseled clients on a wide range of governmental matters, including those relating to federal, state, and local taxation; banking and finance; regulatory obligations; government actions; appropriation and budget issues; international trade and commerce; and regulatory and legislative strategies. We consult with officials; draft legislation, rules, and regulations; and advance proposals through contact with appropriate governmental bodies.

We also provide assistance by monitoring matters of specific interest and informing our clients as new issues arise, before decisions are finalized, thereby creating access to the process.
We provide this assistance in a wide spectrum of industries, including advertising, banking, defense, e-commerce, energy, entertainment, health care, information services, law enforcement, natural resources, nonprofit, publishing, tax, technology, telecommunications, and transportation.

Our clients have access to attorneys practicing in all major areas of law. From economic development to tax policy to environmental issues, from export control to health care reimbursement formulas, and from patent and trademark issues to products liability and procurement rules, Hodgson Russ attorneys are thoroughly equipped to advance the interests of our clients.

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