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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Having a litigation team of more than 80 lawyers with depth and wide experience in all aspects of business and commercial litigation, Hodgson Russ is well aware of the increasing importance of alternative dispute resolution outcomes and the need for competent and experienced mediators and arbitrators as part of the process. The firm’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Practice responds to that need.

Hodgson Russ has assembled a select group of its commercial and business lawyers with extensive arbitration/mediation experience and training with the goal of providing all types of alternative dispute resolution assistance to both litigants and attorneys. The practice includes attorneys with strong subject matter knowledge as well as formal arbitration/mediation training and actual ADR case participation. The group specifically targets those substantive areas where ADR can have the most impact and is most frequently employed by litigants and courts. For example, the ADR group includes attorneys with depth in areas such as general business litigation, construction, intellectual property (including patents and trademarks), personal injury, securities and investments, business dissolution actions, employment litigation, and False Claims Act litigation.

All members of the practice have extensive trial experience, experience with the calculation of damages in key substantive areas, and experience as participants in alternate dispute resolution processes, including arbitrations, mediations, and extensive settlement discussions. Each member is available to assist as a third-party neutral, a selected arbitration panel member, a mediator, or as a facilitator of settlement discussions, whether directed by a court, mandated by an agreement, or by agreement of the parties.  

Hodgson Russ’s ADR attorneys are also aware of the need to provide their services economically and in a timely way. The practice has wide flexibility in how it charges for its services and looks forward to partnering with the litigants and counsel to ensure the process reflects the interests of the parties in resolving disputes short of expensive and time-consuming litigation. 

The substantive areas for which we provide ADR services are listed below.

General Business Litigation and Commercial Disputes

Securities and Financial Disputes

Construction and Construction-Related Disputes

Intellectual Property (Patent and Trademark Litigation)

Employment Litigation

Business Dissolution Proceedings

Personal Injury

International Arbitration