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Photo of Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
Intellectual Property Portfolio Management

Hodgson Russ helps clients both large and small to efficiently develop and manage the appropriate intellectual property protection they need domestically and worldwide. Many of our attorneys have previously worked in industry or academia, and some have previously held in-house positions. We appreciate that intellectual property filings need to be tailored to the business needs of each client. By working with our clients to understand their businesses, we assist in customizing economically-sensible strategies for developing, maintaining, and monetizing intellectual property portfolios. For example, we regularly craft global intellectual property protection strategies employing utility patents, design patents, and copyright registrations to secure broad product protection. We also develop corporate intellectual property policies for the protection of inventions and trade secrets. Aside from product and know-how protection, we assist companies in managing and leveraging their brand through the selection, protection, and enforcement of trademarks, copyrights, and domain names.

Our intellectual-property portfolio management services include:

  • Establishing comprehensive strategies and guidelines for creating and protecting intellectual property
  • Providing on-site training to employees on intellectual property best practices
  • Working with research and development teams to harvest new disclosures
  • Competitive analysis
  • Intellectual property valuation and audits
  • Licensing and sale strategy