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2024 AILA Annual Conference and Webcast on Immigration Law

June 12 - 15
Speaking Engagement
McCormick Place Convention Center West Building, Chicago, IL
June 12 - 15, 2024

Topic: When to Sponsor the Permanent Resident Process for Workers in Nonimmigrant Status (Advanced)

Speaker: David J. Wilks

Panelists will discuss when the best time is to start the green card process in light of the overall limitations on nonimmigrant visa lifecycles and the fact that the green card process is taking longer and longer

  • What are the considerations to ensure a streamlined and equitable process?
  • How much time is really needed for the green card process?
  • How can an employer set a policy to ensure equitable immigration support regardless of
    how long the process will take?

Click here to view program for the event.