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Article 78 Proceedings Challenging Municipal Approvals and a Municipal Denial for a Warehousing Facility

Client Type: Privately held

The Ghent Planning Board issued a Negative Declaration, the Ghent ZBA granted area variances, and the Claverack Planning Board granted site plan approval. Although Hodgson Russ represented the applicant, it took the lead in defending the actions of the municipal boards and prevailed in all three proceedings. Each matter involved the preparation of a certified record, drafting pleadings, and preparing memoranda of law. One required approval, a special use permit from the Ghent Planning Board, was denied. Hodgson Russ successfully challenged this denial as arbitrary and capricious and not supported by the evidence in the record. Supreme Court, Columbia County ordered the approvals be granted. These matters involved the construction of a proposed refrigerated warehouse facility across the border of two towns in Columbia County.